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    At All Star Advance, LLC, we offer access to several forms of business funding options for your business.

    Read on to learn about the different business finance options available. Whether it's a Working Capital Advance, Business Loan or Merchant Cash Advance and remember, call (201-299-5263) or email (process@asadvance.com) at any time with any questions you might have.

    Business Loans 
    All Star Advance, LLC. is a market share leader in alternative business finance. No one works harder to get your business approved for funding because we know how important it is for you and your business. Furthermore, All Star Advance, LLC. can provide you access to the capital you need quickly.

    Not only can you complete the entire loan application in 10 minutes or less, but your business can have funds sent in as little as two business days*.

    Finally, we provide such great service that over 70% of our eligible customers renew with All Star Advance, LLC.

    All Star Advance, LLC. can help you access very small to very large small business loans: from $2,500 up to $150,000** for single location businesses and up to $250,000 for multi-location businesses.

    These loans also have a range of terms from 4 to 36 months. That means your business can access a short-term loan for inventory, for example, then sell your merchandise and pay off the loan quickly. Or, you can get a longer-term loan and take your time paying back what your business borrowed.

    ​How fast can my business get a loan?
    All Star Advance, LLC. provides access to business loans or cash advances quickly. Our business loan application is quick and easy and business funds are sent in as little as 1 business day upon approval. Get prequalified for a business loan in ten minutes or less!

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    Start Up Business Loan
    That's right All Star Advance offers business loans for start ups! All submissions are reviewed on a case by case basis. Apply today!

    Working Capital Advance / Merchant Cash Advance
    Are you low on cash and need working capital to fund operations quickly? Don’t want the fixed monthly payment of a traditional business loan? A Working Capital Advance / Merchant Cash Advance from All Star Advance, LLC. is the perfect solution for your business funding needs. A Merchant Cash Advance is an excellent way to access working capital in a “cash-flow friendly” way by making daily or weekly remittances.

    A Merchant Cash Advance is a type of funding that is not a loan. It is a purchase of a fixed dollar amount of a business’s future credit and debit card receivables, or even your traditional business bank receivables. All Star Advance, LLC. purchases a specified dollar amount of your business’ future debit and credit card sales at a discount.

    Your business, instead of paying one large fixed monthly payment until a set maturity date like a loan, remits a fixed percentage of its daily debit and credit card revenue or checking account daily revenue automatically until the specified amount of purchased receivables is remitted in full. This option can be structured as a fixed dollar amount remitted or a fixed percentage of the daily income. The options are almost unlimited and tailored for you.

    Advantages of a Working Capital Advance / Merchant Cash Advance
    You don’t need a stellar credit history to qualify.

    Cash-flow friendly! Your business remits less on slow days and more on busy days to keep cash-flows smooth.

    You don’t have to worry about fixed monthly payments during tough times, and there is no set maturity date. This enables your business to be more flexible financially while fully funding all of its operations.

    The remittances are automatic and don’t require you to write any checks.

    Getting a Merchant Cash Advance is faster and easier than obtaining a traditional loan, making your much needed capital more accessible when you need it quickly.
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